Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tutu adorable...

Well I don't know if she enjoys playing dress up as much as I do, but she seems to think it isn't too bad...

Plus there are so many new textures and materials to explore.

Lately she has become less than smiley for the camera, which just supports my theory that she knows exactly what is going on inside that little black box.

I guess I will have to modify my camera in some way that will keep her laughing.

But I love the more pensive shots of her. She is figuring a lot of stuff out, and although she is a very smiley happy baby, she is really more content and curious. Which makes for some new serious faces.

She is really just trying to figure things out.

And it is beyond an honor to be the ones who get to watch that happen.

She is starting to clap, and to smack her lips in a kiss.

Sweetest kisses ever. My lips are so lucky.

She crawls directly for the wood floor, which is the cause of a few bumps and one bruise to date.
It is actually amazing how quickly she can mash/crumple/destroy.

And we should probably start thinking about getting a dining room table. Because she is all in our plates at dinner.

She's a stinker. She gets that from my side of the family.

Oh yeah - we are another picture of the week on Today's Mama. It's of Mad and me at The Grand Canyon. I remember how I felt right then. So big and so small at the same time...

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