Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day in Emerald Bay

So the sweetest little spot on the South Shore is usually just overrun with tourists, of course. Well, that is, until Labor Day, when all the tourists go back to wherever they came from and all those other people get back the Bay Area, and the locals start reclaiming native soil.

This is our time.

And this is where we live.

These pictures were taken out of the windows of The Kitteh. This road is amazing.

There is water on all steep sides, and the view out of the windshield is breathtaking. It looks like you will drive right off of the edge of the Earth.

Cascade Lake.

Emerald Bay.

Charlie and Brody checking out the peak before we head down into the Bay.

We love a good walk in the woods! It was chilly in the shade and hot in the sun that day. So there was a lot of layering, and peeling off and creative wearing of clothes, depending on personal temps...

Dad did most of the shooting that day, so we got lots of Madee and Mom pics. We had a good time exploring the shore.

And looking at birds and trees and ducks.

She is just so interested/engaged/delighted in everything.

Oh I just love this screwy little mouth. She was very tired that day, and lazy in the sunbeams and tree shade, so she wasn't doing a lot of smiling for the camera.

I don't know how we got this face out of her...

You can totally see her little shiner.

I forgot a warm hat, so we had to improvise...

In his one she's all "Word up Cuz! Wearing pants on your head is COOL!"

We get this look a lot. I think as soon as she can talk she will be asking perfect strangers if everyone is as weird as her Mom and Dad.

This was right before she fell asleep on me.

Can barely keep the peepers open...

And out like a light.

This is my favorite. Little Baby sleeping on me, breath in unison, fresh air in the hair and leaves, sunshine on the skin.

And so many kisses.

Here is a picture of one of the Earth's babies...she grows them big like we do!

We had such a nice time tooling around the Bay.

Madee is a nature girl for sure...

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