Friday, October 10, 2008

9 Months Old!

Madee is 9 months old today! If we could just shake the sickness our family has had all week, she would be a lot happier about that, I bet.

But she is a pretty good sport.

As long as you don't try to wipe her nose. Because then it is on. She is not a huge fan of being wiped in any way, but mostly on her face. It presents daily challenges.

And is the cause of much joy around here.

Not sure if you can see the little scratch marks she's sporting right now, but they are awesome. She did that all herself. I am pretty sure it is just her new look. Maybe she wants to intimidate the other kids.

Lucky for me she will sit still for a manicure. I think she wants the clippers so bad she will sit and wait for them.

Also lucky for me, she is easily distracted, so she has yet to get her chubby little hands on them.

Here she is chilling with her milk in front of the fire. Isn't this dress the cutest? I want one in my size.

I love how she has her leggy rolled down on one leg.

Like she is in a gang.

Awww....Mommy/Baby pictures at Apple Hill in a pumpkin patch! It was such a great day!

We bought her that pumpkin and brought it home for her to play with. She loves it.

I love her. This is how we always are. I am ecstatic and happy and goofy and she is always looking at me like "Get real, Mom."

Oh but she will do some cutting up for her dad.

She is my sunshine.

Too cute in her country girl wear...

She gets so frustrated being unable to tell us what she wants, needs, feels, especially when it is so obvious that she thinks quite clearly. She just can't get it all out.

It isn't easy being 9 months old.

Of course with all her freedom and mobility, it sure seems easier than when she was 6 months. I guess that is a lesson she will learn. Things do get easier. More complicated, but easier.

Lately she is just too busy. She is also getting really good at standing, turning, lunging and has even taken a couple of steps. She often lets go of what she is holding on to and stands freely for a few seconds.

But my favorite when she is standing at some spot, eyes me, and decides to go for it and lunge for me. Or actually she has done it a few times towards things that cannot catch her like the couch and the hearth.

She grows up too fast..and all we can do is sit back and enjoy.

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