Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Round 2 and the Blog...

Sometimes there is a fusion between pictures and words and sometimes you just get one or the other.

With my first pregnancy, I almost completely dropped my previous blog. I am not sure if I was too tired or too busy or just changing too quickly to process it in writing, but the inkwell was dry, and I couldn't quite get a handle on expressing it all. So I think that this time around I will take the time to address "The Week in Pregnancy" on the blog, so everybody else is updated/in the know/and fyi-ed.

And that way, if I ever really do right that book, I will have somewhere to from which I may easily begin. Whatever. It could happen.

I did keep all of the emails between myself and my sister in law Jessica who was simultaneously baking Cousin Rachel, and I plan to go back and reread them to get an idea of the sickness and health of it all in Round 1.

It is true when they say you forget all the pain of pregnancy and delivery after the first baby is born. Otherwise, you may not get pregnant again at all. And I did forget. Until I saw that second little line on the stick. And then it all started coming back to me...

From what I hear, most women experience the same pregnancy each time, but everybody seems to tell me that this one will be easier for me. So here's to that.

Anyway, here are the little hints that led me to buy the good old stick test.

1. We were watching a Discovery Channel special on women who had babies but never knew they were pregnant, (a concept I can't even fathom) when a true/false question flashed on the screen. "You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex 3 days before ovulation."

(Sunday, Monday, Tues...umm...False!)

Oh, but no. This is actually True.

I think that is when I started wondering if there was a good reason why I had started gagging during diaper changes, why I had bought Madee a baby doll and started showing her how to "hold the baby", why Zeus was suddenly acting all annoying all over again. Plus I was waking up cranky and confused.

By the way, when I tested for Madee the line was pink, and this time it was blue. Of course it was totally a different brand so no, that technology isn't out there (yet).

But it could be a little sign, you never know.

We have not been to the doctor, but we have passed our tests...I actually go in tomorrow at 9:30 for an "official" pregnancy test, but with the 2 practice tests I did so well on, I expect to pass with all sorts of colors.

But I think I will ask what color the line turned, anyway.

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