Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bzzz...

Seriously, I have no words.


She is such a trooper. Top front bucky #2 had her up all night and hurting for the past several days.

It' a doozy.

Luckily my girl hangs in and is always ready for a laugh or two.

Silly little booger. These are sneak peeks of one of her Halloween costumes.

The other one is for cooler weather...

It's supposed to only reach a high of 32 tomorrow! Brrrr!

Look her legs are off of the ground!

My favorite. Unh, those lips.

Water Break!

So yesterday the line turned pink for peggers, we got an ETA of June 9, 2009, and got set up for our first appointment with Dr G., which will be on the 22nd.

I am sure he and Charlie have a lot of catching up to do.


Jaime said...

Awww... Aubrey is going to be a bumble be too! We need a photo shoot with them together!!!!!

Granddaddy said...

If my granddaughter turns out to be a Georgia Tech yellowjacket because of this, I will never forgive you!

Angie said...

Congrats on baby #2!

Argenteens said...

she is so cute and you are such a great photographer. it's just plain fun to visit your blog and see these pics - though I wish you were in more of them :-)