Monday, October 6, 2008

She loves to get dirty

My sweet cutie pie.

This morning when she got up, she was in her dad's arms and she pointed to her bottle and said, "unh."

She knows what she wants.

Have I mentioned how weird Zeus acts when I am pregnant?

In fact, he knew before Charlie and I did. He becomes super protective and sulky and strange and always needs to be touching me, sitting with, sleeping with, or otherwise extremely engaged with me.

It is terribly cute. But the sort of thing that can get on pregnant lady's nerves every once n a while...

Madee turned her hand and now she can Big Girl Clap!

Isn't she adorable in this little shirt from her Auntie Jess?

This is my little bird. She's the dirty kid. I see all these other little clean, proper, neatly dressed babies, and mine is always the one with dirty knees, food all over her shirt, and this weekend she is sporting a crusty, snotty nose.

I love her. She is just so cute and so full of spunk.

Not much makes her happier than when I just let her crawl around in the woods.

The Kokanee Salmon Festival was this weekend, so we went to see them swimming up Taylor Creek.

Madee like the big aquarium in the Stream Profile.

We had a great weekend. We also went to Oktoberfest and saw lots of mommy and baby friends as we walked around and Oom-pa-pa-ed.

Madee likes the polka. I love how she seems to know what to do in our self family portraits...

The steins were really cool this year! And yes, that's 2 Oktoberfests in a row I couldn't drink at, but I did get some yummy sausage!

Madee loves to get out in the world so she can learn about new things and meet new people.

"Love you fishy..."

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