Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh Punkin!

This baby loves her bath! She likes to try and drink the water from the faucet (SO Thirsty!!) and always gets her own hair wet.

Oh, we just give kisses all day long.

Here are some fun souvenirs from our trip with the grandparents. I found these butterflies at the cutest little toy shop in Arcata.

Madee can't wait until they hang from her ceiling...

I think this is right before a sneeze.

I love my goofy little girl.

I have so many pumpkin pictures that we could be loading them up for days...

But you will have to wait for my faves!

Have I told you she says Mama now? It's really working for her. Charlie wonders if her next words will be "jump" or "how high"...

But for now we are working on "Daddy".

Say "Daddy", Madee!

Cutie little pumpkpin pie...

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Jaime said...

Congrats on baby no. 2! Pumpkin pics are always my favorite- so cute.