Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know I have been slacking...

But I am growing somebody in here!

I have a long list of things I want to get done:

Clean the house
Plant bulbs
Winterize the deck and potting bench
Make Christmas lists
Oh, and i don't know what is on the rest of the list, because this one ate it.

So I guess "Make another list" is now on my list.

I can't believe how fast she is. She can totally stand on her own for like 30 seconds, and now she is really into climbing things. I don't know what happened to that sweet little baby that couldn't do anything or go anywhere, but that baby has been replaced by some proper trouble.

In fact, today I went into her room to hang a sweater. That was all. In and out.

I came back into the living room and she had climbed into and was standing in her rocking chair.

And she thinks it is hysterical. Also now I ask for kisses and I get snotty, wet, hard kisses, sometimes with a little bite. Just so you know she means it.

I hear New Baby is making hands and feet this week. Also, New Baby is now the size of a blueberry, pretty much double the little lentil he/she was last week.

In other news, my baby doc is on a month's medical leave, so they have had to reschedule my appointment - which was supposed to be tomorrow - and they haven't been able to get it together yet to tell me when they can reschedule me. They know it needs to happen before he gets back, and yet can't seem to find a free space for a new pregnancy appointment with one of the other 4 doctors in his practice for a month. A month?

Obviously my reputation precedes me. Thank goodness Dr. G thinks I am funny. Remember, this is the guy who still has Madee's newborn picture in his office, not on the bulletin board in the hall with all the other babies. What can I say? He takes pride in his more ground-breaking work.

Anyway, I have been pretty tired and quite nauseous, so I try to nap whenever Mad goes down...it looks like the list will have to wait.

In fact she is sleeping right now, but Charlie was razzing me about his family update - like he doesn't live right here in the middle of it - so I thought I would give him something to read before I shut these eyes along with her.

By the way those are cookie crumbs on her delicious little face.

So the kisses taste good.

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