Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beach days are here again!

Gotta get the blog's been a while!

I have been very busy - do you know of this place called the beach? It is my favorite place EVER!

and SURPRIZE! Zeus loves it too! He is totally my buddy. A little begrudgingly, I am prolly not his first choice, but hey, that dog is smart enough to know where the love comes from and I have got a lot of it for him!

And I also have...

his ball!
I throw it.

And he gets it EVERY TIME! (yes, that is sand behind my ear!)

Waiting for buddy...

Then Dad and I do some flying squirrel moves.

Woohoo! I fly up high!

Dad's the best. It's no wonder Mom looks at him the way she does. He is totally my hero.

He always lets me have all the fun!

And he has a gorgeous smile.

We have a good time.

After all the playing, Mom gave me a cookie. Chocolate chips melt in my mouth.

And all around my mouth, too.

Here's a little blast from the past - A year ago yesterday. I was tiny!

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Jaime said...

Beach days- yes! Aubrey went today and had WAY too much fun. Let's take them together soon :)