Thursday, March 12, 2009

Belly Dancing, Dancing Belly, and other stuff...

Charlie bought me these over a week ago, and they are still so gorgeous. I love tulips. They whisper "spring" all over the house...

I have been mulling over what to do about our 2nd bedroom. Of course pretty soon we will have 2 girls, but Madee didn't even use her room until she was at least 5 months old.

So we put together a an office/playroom.

We really enjoy spending time in there...we can listen to music and play puzzles and lounge...the lounge part is super great because I am pretty sleepy all the time. I get my deepest, most delicious sleep every day during Madee's 12:30 nap. It is a great time of the day.

We have a really fun closet in our playroom, too. All of our crafts and costumes are in there, so we can even play play-do and color things and play dress up!

Madee's favorite costume is belly dancer...naturally.

I was taking a bellydancing class when I first became pregnant with her, so it probably just comes easily to her since she has technically had a few classes herself!

Check out her moves. She can drop it like it's HOT!

She is learning so fast it just blows my mind. If I ask her where her shoes are, she'll go get them for me. She knows what her pajamas are and she will go get those too. She knows a horse says nee-hee-hee-hee and a chicken says bok bok!

Here's little Eden. She is at least 2 pounds now. 2 pounds of fury. Sometimes I think she hears all the craziness that goes on in our house because she starts kicking like crazy when the laughing and chasing and screaming starts up. I am pretty sure she is hoping for a nice old fashioned hospital switch.

Since she has really rounded out, I am having fun having my own little maternity model right in the house. They aren't what I usually do for other mommies, but they really can't be, can they?

I am trying to open my mind in the self portrait arena.

Good belly is just too sweet to waste. This may very well be our last child, so I love having all the pictures. Our camera broke during our last pregnancy and except for a special session Charlie did of me, we just don't have many pictures of Madee before she was born.

Of course Charlie got me a new camera a couple days before she got here, and things have changed since then.

That means getting out the old tripod, too.

Of course somebody else always ends up stealing the show.

Sweet little punkin. She is a spitfire for sure.

Happy Family in bed.

Madee got this scratch/shiner the other day, and never even complained about it, so we are not even sure where it came from.

She's such a little ruffian. She is constantly rolling/falling/knocking herself around. And myself. And her Dad's self. She's a tough little cookie.

But she's the sweetest cookie I have ever tasted!

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