Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can't believe it is March already...

She is just so cute with animals. She is pretty gentle, and if you have a dog or a cat on the premises, there is nothing else that she needs to bother with. She chased an old cat around the printer's office the other day. For a while. And he didn't even mind.

And now she is learning to throw the ball for Zeus. Actually she just kind of drops it for him. Usually he just looks at the ball and back at her like she should try again.


Eden is closing in on us quickly at 27 weeks - it seems like everything is just going so fast now. And since I am so excited about Spring and Summer, days are whipping by.

Next week starts the 3rd trimester, which turns "waiting for baby" to "wait! wait! baby!"

And I am pretty sure that part doesn't stop because from there they just grow and grow and before you know it, you have little girls, not babies at all...

Messy messy little girls.

Madee has been using a fork and spoon lately, and has also been eating off of plates and out of bowls for longer and longer amounts of time before they get dumped to the table/floor/dog's mouth.

She seems to be getting the hang of it. She is very studious and a quick learner.

We allow for a lot of rumpus time around here. Here is her after dinner dismount from the other evening.

She loves to climb up and down. AND SHE DOESN'T WANT YOUR HELP, THANK YOU!

One more big step...

And it is off to bathtime! She knows just what to do~

Madee is her beach muumuu...

Self portraits with Mom.

Kisses for Baby.

Her bangs rock.

Had to add this one because she looks so much like my sister, Emily. In fact if there is anyone in both families she resembles most, I would say it is Emily, her godmother...

She is a beautiful, wild, terrifying thing...and now for some sledding action!

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Jessica Van Derven said...

What a precious pie. I love the video and the pictures. Madee is quite the ham!