Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing Catch Up

And dress up, and mess up and clean know the drill!

Here's my 2 rock stars jamming out to some guitar hero. This is Madee's favorite of the wii games, because she thinks she is doing it too!

Zeus is such a loyal fan.

One of the cutest things she does lately is walk around with her hands behind her back, acting all nonchalant, like she isn't up to something.

Which usually means she is up to something.

Her feet are growing so fast!

Uh Oh! Dress up skunk on the loose!

She only really likes hats if someone else is wearing them. This one is Uncle Cousin Brody's. She is hanging with the boys watching snowboarding videos...

And here she is having dinner with the fam. Such a big girl! Her new fave is sandwiches...PB&J and grilled cheese! (Not together, of course)

A couple random shots from our last trip off the hill. YOu cannot see this guys' "Proud to be a Republican" bumper sticker, but it makes me think that maybe he didn't exactly order that vanity plate for says "I'm Gay"

What tourist in an orange snow suit? He's HOTT!

We got a bunch of snow for Grandma VD's visit. That was great for Terri and Brody who cam e up to ski that weekend.

Charlie went to Kirkwood to get his ride on too.

He took his first run on his face.

A week later and the swelling was down, minimal scabbing. HOTT! You can't even tell now, it's already all healed up!

Where's Zoie?

Crazy little fairy on the loose!

She can get in this chair and just about any other all by her big girl self!

Of course it is much more fun if she can surf it!

Little Daredevil fairy...

She poops herself out!

Little Italian Fairy. "Kapish?"

I can't wait to find her more dress up clothes - she absolutely loves them!

Even over PJs!

And a baby update...30 weeks, which means we are at our top 10 countdown...we are getting so excited.

I just can't wait til I can button up these jeans again!

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