Thursday, May 21, 2009


Madee has been so funny lately. Part of it is the oxytocin hormones making me delight in her every giggle. Part of it is she is just so cute.

She loves bubbles. Sometimes we have to keep them out of sight. Because seriously, she wants to do it first thing in the morning and then all day long.

She loves to read and to be read to. Especially by her Daddy, because he employs variations and accents for her listening pleasure.

Lately she says "All done", "Hi Zeus", "Hey there", and "bobbadadeh?" which seems to mean "How you say?"

Goofy girl. All day today she just laughs at everything. Like she is getting all sorts of inside jokes that until today have eluded her. Cutest thing.ever.

"Where's Mommy?"

Charlie has been doing lots of improvements to the yards lately. Here is our new lilac tree and the grass seed has started sprouting. He is so proud, he could literally sit there all day and watch his grass grow.

I am growing some wildflowers and pumpkins out front. They have sprouted quite nicely, and I am sure you will see some pics as soon as they look like something.

Meanwhile, here are Madee's Ranunculus. They sure are pretty.

Madee likes her spinner...

So we are at 37 weeks and had a visit with the doctor today.

Nothing new to report. He did the ultrasound, not the tech, so all the info I got was she is doing quite well in there.

He was pretty chatty today. He said that with how well she was growing in there and how great my blood pressure was holding up (it was 115/76 today) he wouldn't have a problem letting me go to 41 weeks.

I told him he better watch what he says because with talk like that I wouldn't have any problem killing him.

Anyway everything is cool and as much as I think ever other 10 minutes that I am going into labor I still have time to kill.

In the mean time, this weekend is going to be a killer garage sale spectacular, and the Farmer's Market probably starts next Tuesday so at least I have other things to look forward to!

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