Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Time!

My Aunt Leslie and Uncle Bo won a trip out to Tahoe - how cool is that?

Madee loves all kinds of grandparents, and didn't take long to snuggle up to Memama and Daddybo. We took them to see Emerald Bay. Somebody doesn't think she needs to hold hands.

Sassing around an Emerald Bay overlook

I haven't seen Leslie and Bo in lots of years, and sharing my family, especially my little girl with them was very special. I spent a lot of time at their house when I was a little girl.

We have a new favorite summer restaurant hangout. Not only do they have live music on the weekends, but you can sit outside and walk on the beach while you are waiting for your dinner.

Madee always makes friends wherever she goes. She loves older kids and it is so cute to watch them play with her and talk to her.

These kids kept saying, "Don't you talk yet, baby?"

It takes a little bit for Madee to open up.

Loves DaddyBo

Hanging at dinner.

Wandering around the outside of the restaurant again.

Somebody else hanging out at dinner. He was trying to steal my diaper bag.

Chilling with some juice and homies.

Madee's new riding spot. She's the lookout!

My lovelies in the sun.

I heart summer!

Just so you know, even though it was snowing like, 3 weeks ago, it is hot like a mutha here now! Hot enough to have the fan out, and for Madee to sweat during diaper only naps! Woohoo!

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