Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Busy Mama Bee

May is, so far, the busiest month this year. Everyday since the 1st has been a non-stop circus around here, and Madee is the head clown.

This is the face of opposition. Seriously, she shakes her head "no" to any question, and we have learned that sometimes, if given a long enough chance to think about it, she actually thinks "yes" is a good idea.

I am not sure what she is saying "no" to here...

She doesn't say "no" to snuggles.

I have been super busy with shoots lately...trying to squeeze a bunch in before maternity leave. I declared that it would begin this Saturday, but I have already booked one for next week, I figure when I am just too big to get up off of the ground I will call it quits.

When Auntie Lisa walks in the door, Madee starts to blow me goodbye kisses. Precious.

Here is a a list of cute things she did the other day...

1. Held a mirror to her face and screamed at herself repeatedly
2. Rode her fat kitty around the house strapped to her little bus
3. Ran to the dog's water bowl and giggled when she knew you Daddy found her.
4. Drank my bedside glass of water without spilling. Much.
5 Fed her baby a bottle.
6. Fed me imaginary food from a spoon.
7. Heard the phone ring and curled her little hand to her ear and said"Gamma?"

If the TV is on mute, she can't stand it and can't turn away from, except maybe to find the remote and fix it. Even if she isn't paying attention to the TV when it was blaring. Unmute it, and she will go back to playing and ignoring it.

She has begun "pretend play" and spends serious time each day pretending to blow bubbles with any stick/cup combo. She loves bubbles. She also likes to feed everybody pretend food or empty bottles.

She has a new interest in her little cabbage patch kid premie, and she totes him around for a while every day. She knows he is "baby" and it was her idea to feed him a bottle. She is also trying to feed her fat kitty and Zeus. Zeus will eat anything. Even pretend food.

This week marks 35 weeks, and I have almost finished readying everything for Eden. I have learned that it is very difficult to nest in the same house as a toddler. I have been getting better at letting things be messy, but not much better at not letting it drive me crazy.

At our ultrasound Eden measured 38 weeks. He said her head was "huge". He didn't say anything about get her out earlier, just that she will be a bigun. She was 3112 grams, and no one had a measurement converter, but my rough estimate with a calculator tells me that is about 7 lbs, so really she is just a normal size.

We are excited! We go to bed as early as possible to try and get sleep while we can...pretty soon every day will be a circus for a whole new reason, and with a brand new ringleader!

Oh yeah...check out my most recent photo shoot here. Adorable sisters. It made me excited to have little sisters in our own house!

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