Friday, May 1, 2009

I know for me it seems like this baby will never get here and then also like she will be here too soon.

It is the first of May and I rest easy knowing that I have 41 days or less. Regardless of what my doctor says about what day we are shooting for, and despite the fact that other measurements have knocked days, even weeks off of my due date, the fact remains.

Eden is due June 10th, and we expect her then. My doctor seems to think he wouldn't let me get past that date without delivering her - he is a nice man, saying such hopeful things to me, but I just did this last year, and I remember the last 5 weeks of that one, and as much as he said it would be early, it wasn't until something dangerous was going on that he was ready to do something about it.

We would like to avoid inducing Eden if we can help it, so as impatient a situation as waiting for a baby is, we are willing to try and make it until she is forcing her way out.

Knock wood, there have been no episodes to indicate that would happen this time around, so we are still fully expecting her the first week or so of June.

In the mean time, Charlie and I have made a habit of eating dinner early with Madee, then bath, then bed for all 3 of us. We are pretty stoked to be able to slip under our down covers by 8:30 most nights, and considering that our baby experience has taught us alot, we figure it will be the last chance for such indulgences for several months, if ever again.

Madee is such a big girl now she does everything by herself, and most often she does it at break neck speed in the opposite direction. Also at any (and many!) times throughout the day a Dance Party might break out. It is alot to keep up with, for sure.

Yesterday the doctor hooked me up to the baby monitor and was floored at how active Eden was, (hellO I keep saying!) so obviously we will be chasing wild things for a couple years. And I had hoped she would be my calm baby. Ha.

Anyway, sorry if there are those of you out there who don't hear from us as often as you like, but little missy and a half keeps us very busy until we pass out right behind her at night. Sometimes I hear the phone ring but it seems to be a useless effort to struggle with getting up, finding the phone, which Madee has cleverly hidden (possibly in the toilet) only to grab it in time for the call to go to voicemail.

Frankly, if that phone call isn't from Eden, saying she is ready to come out and join this circus, I can't be bothered to get up at all. It takes like 5 minutes anyway.

We love you guys, and when we get a chance we think of you, but right now it is too hard to follow alot of that up with actual contact, and we apologize. But in a "we're sorry but we aren't really able to do anything about it right now" way.

Seriously, we will let all of you know when the water breaks and the circus begins, in fact, we will announce on our blog a quick update, so that everybody knows the moment she has chosen, but until then, we will be probably be sleeping every chance we get because sleep is an endangered species in our house...

Love you!

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