Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daddy's Girl

I think there is probably no better homecoming than a munchkin running out to you and giving you the biggest kisses you've ever gotten in your whole life.

He is her absolute favorite.

Madee has not been the biggest kisser until now.

I had only been given a few, only rarely, when she was distracted - she knows what kisses are, just didn't feel like giving them up. Dad had maybe gotten one.

Until yesterday.

Now we are drowning in kisses and it is the best thing ever!

Ooh Ooh! Me next!

It is too much fun to be them.

31 weeks! It sure is going fast!

We have so much going on in April and May that before we know it, she'll be here.

And thank goodness, because let me tell you, it is getting hard to lug her around.

Madee's favorite place is outside. Now that Dad installed child safety gates she can go out back whenever she wants. Those are said gates right behind her - Dad did such a good job, they look like they were original!

Ono needs a haircut.

My precious heart.

Goofy buddy.

Check out this adorable face - I see it a lot! Like every time I say "no" to a certain little angel...

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