Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings...

Rare Mr. Easter Bunny siting...he makes us coffee!

A candid look at an Easter awakening...

Madee's loot

Cutest bunny ever

She found out pretty quickly that there were jellybeans in the eggs - not only does it sound cool when shaken, it tastes great when opened!

New toy for baseball season! Madee needs some Brewers gear!

Playing with Dad

Snuggle bunny.

Dad made bunny shaped pancakes! (freehand, no less!)

Sweet Easter kisses come from those lips!

The festivities begin! BFFs on the wagon train to the Big Easter Egg Hunt!

Madee found a golfball - I guess we should have practiced!

Eggs open faster if you bite them!

While the other kids were actually grabbing as many eggs as possible, Madee only cared about what was inside. Her method? Find an egg, open it, eat jellybeans, move on to next egg...

Lila had practice at school - she's pretty fast at grabbing eggs.

Madee running about grabbing eggs.

Oops - no wasting jellybeans!

Beans beans the magical fruit!

In action at the hunt...

We had such a good time! Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny! Bok! Bok!

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