Monday, April 27, 2009

Mama, Baby and a Bun

This has to be the sweetest tushy in town!

All the time, Madee is so cute with my belly making poses and rubbing and kissing her sister in there. Of course, those are on days where the camera is too far away to get started in time, (those moments are fleeting) or they are bad hair and no make up days for Mommy.

So we set up a couple shots, and of course she wasn't really in the mood...but Charlie hung in there and got some cute ones.

We are at 34 weeks, and have started our weekly visits to the doctor for ultrasounds and non-stress tests. I don't think all ladies have to go through this in the end but I am considered "high-risk" due to last pregnancy's complications. Luckily, that high blood pressure has yet to rear it's ugly head, and the panic attacks have also stayed far away.

All in all, this has been a less stressful pregnancy - surprising, I know, what with the 15 motnh old and is almost as if she makes it all better.

This belly is growing bigger and harder to navigate around by the day. Every night I go to sleep thinking, "I couldn't possibly get any bigger!" Then I wake up the next day thinking. "Well, I guess I could!"

I will be glad when Eden is alongside us instead of in between us all the time. It makes baby lifts and belly giggles a little more difficult with a big hump in the middle!

I am trying to slow down as much as possible - being out breath all the time helps - but I just want to appreciate this last few weeks of having Madee to myself. It is hard to imagine how our relationship will evolve, because what we have right now is so super special. I know that logically, I will never have this kind of one on one relationship with another baby.

I am confident I will have enough love to give what I give Madee, but it will never be the two of us like Madee and I have been...

In fact soon, it will be the 2 of them. I am so excited to see my girls together. When I see sisters that are close in age my heart just melts. It will be awesome to watch Madee show Eden how to do stuff. Madee has so much to teach her.

So these are the numbered days of our lives as a group of 3. Charlie and I feel so blessed with our family and are so excited to get our second one in on the fun. It is hard to imagine that we may be done making babies after such an intensive baby making couple of years - in fact, Almost half the time Charlie and I have known each other, I have been pregnant.

I think he is ready to get his non-nauseous, easier breathing, not quite so hormonal wife back.

Full body shot with head...a rarity!

There are things I will miss about being pregnant. Like how everything is just taken care of and all baby's needs are met, and for the most part, things are quieter. I won't miss the heaving and the struggling to stand from a laying or sitting position.

I will miss the feeling of her wiggling with fury in my abdomen. But mostly I will miss the unlimited ice cream...


Jaime said...

So sweet. That's one of my favorite posts.

Marion said...

I remember the same thoughts and emotions while expecting my second baby. What you will find, and it's similar to that tsunami wave of love that hit you when you fell in love with Madee, is the realization that your heart grew overnight. Yes, everything in your family's world will changed irrevocably, but I guarantee that each of you will wonder you lived so long without your Eden.