Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Some bunny loves you!

This just in...I am now 15 months old, and let me tell you, I have turned a corner of development - or keep turning corners! It makes my mom dizzy!

I am saying some new words like "this one" and "that" and I am getting more aware of how hard goodbyes are when I am not ready to leave or go to bed.

I am also obsessed with repeating new things I learn and sometimes some of my favorite toys make their way to the top of the fridge when Mom needs a break.

Hey no big deal, because I am climbing everything so often and so well that soon I can just get it back myself. I don't know what a heart attack is, but Mom says she is having one all the time! Apparently, I am becoming more exhausting by the minute...

We went for our first garage sales yesterday and boy did Mom score me some loot! I got all sorts of toys for playing outside - and I really love to play outside!

Also, Mom found this adorable hat that I refuse to keep on my head.

We made lots of Easter crafts this week.
Like bunnies...

And drives Mom crazy when I eat the crafts, so she put down some marshmallows and goldfish for decorating. Now I want everything to be made out of marshmallows.

Here are some pretty Easter flowers from the Wisconsin Easter Bunny. I totally want to eat them.

Have a happy day you guys! Mom will post all the Easter basket and egg hunt pics later once we have them!

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