Friday, April 24, 2009

Just some stuff...

My precious little bee. And boy does she have a stinger!

We had her 15 month check up today and going to the doctor has become like the most traumatic thing in my entire world.

Charlie has to come with me because first of all, it requires both of us to hold her down just to measure her length. She has such a fit right when the nurse comes in the door long before she even touches her.

It is the most brilliant display of self-defense I have ever seen from such a small person. When we are done I wait until she can't see me and I cry. It just kills me to see her so horrified like that.

So today after the doctor somebody got her first ice cream cone.

She doesn't really indicate "yes" but she sure knows how to shake her head "no".

And no. She doesn't want to go back to the doctor.

Here she is with her Elmo. She is warming up to him. They dance together and when he goes "night night" she drags him around the house.

Here we are on a better day.

This is Mad's favorite toy. She will chase you around the house with it because she likes to play it as a team. Sometimes it gets stuck on top of the fridge for a while when Mommy needs a break....

Little girls playing with books together. So cute.

Little girls playing at the playground together. Also so cute.

Little girls playing in the parking lot together. Adorables.

We spent a lot of time in the truck waiting for Dad to finish up at the Verizon Store. Don't worry she isn't really driving and we are parked so she isn't "Britney Spearsing" the back seat.

I just love her hair. do you see that little curl over her ear? Precious. It curls in spots behind her neck and over her ears sometimes. I want to just eat her she is so sweet.

Lots of times she has to hang on me like this.

And sometimes she just keeps on walking away from me no matter how much I verbally protest.

She is just talking up a storm these days. She has syllables down. Sometime the words "bottle", "buddy", "baby", "bubble", and "puzzle" sound the same.

She has a round of M and D words too - so if you look at her context, you totally know what she is saying.

"Uh oh", "Bless you", and 'Thank you" all sound the same too. She doesn't skip a beat with her thank you's and doesn't pass up an opportunity to bless you after a sneeze. What a sweetheart!

Seriously, she is such a great kid. At moments she is about 4 hands full (or more), but she is quite awesome nonetheless.

We couldn't be any luckier!

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