Thursday, April 2, 2009

What We're Up To

What a week. My glucose test came back normal and my BP is is pretty low, so I am pretty happy about that. But I am also quite tired...

We have been keeping ourselves busy over here, and today Jaime and Aubrey came over to play. Aubrey and Madee are 8 months apart, so they haven't had a lot in common until now.

Now they can both walk and grab stuff and play so it is really cute to see them together. Aubrey is Madee's first little baby friend.

They played tunnels...

And dress up...

My little bee.

Of course it is more fun if Moms play too.

See that chin meat? It is the filet of Madelyn. The juiciest, best tasting part.

Someone loves a tunnel.

This one has some funny faces.

Aubrey knows she is older than Mad, and shows her just how to do things.

Madee loves playtime with friends.

And chase games.

And making funny faces.

Mama's chin meat.

My pretty little girl.

My other pretty little girl.

Watching Madee play. (Lay down for makes you look younger!

I took Madee, Zeus and Ono to the beach yesterday. I have had visions of Madee going off of this pier. We didn't stay on it long.

Making Mom nervous.

Zeus was happy to get out and forget about life for a while.

There is nothing he'd rather be doing.

Happy buddy.

Madee loves the beach - the sand, the water, the wind. It is her happy place.

If she could, she would live outside. I can't wait to take her camping.

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Jaime said...

Fun times! Cute Pics!