Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swinging, shaking and scrubbing

Madee at the beach on Sunday...
We went to the park yesterday! Madee had fun playing with some little people and sliding down the slide.

But her absolute favorite was the swings!

Notice the little line of excited drool swinging from her mouth...and the shadow of it on the swing. Adorable...

She loves the wind in her hair, and was looking to make sure everybody else was watching!

After a while it kind of lulled her into a space out - the swinging, the sunshine - so comfortable!

My favorite - I love how she hangs on to the edge of her seat.

Madee has been practicing with a big girl cup - it had milkshake in it yesterday - which actually makes it WAY easier for her to accomplish a drink.

She wants me to always buy that kind of milk for her now!

Gotta get every last drop!

After dinner she is long due for some scrubbing!

Making goofy faces...

She loves her water duck - I think she will love waterfalls, just like her Mom.

A kiss for you!

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