Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Few from Birthday Weekend

Auntie Teri came to visit for Birthday Weekend. Her birthday is the 26th, so we gfot to have some fun celebrating together.

I got some really great shots of her when we went out for a shoot.

I am posting a few of my faves.

Happy Feet
Happy Lady

We manifested this little couldn't have been more perfect.

Auntie reading things to babies...

The coolest girl I know. She talks so much now I am just reeling. She knows an A and a B when she sees one, and knows that 2 comes after 1. And she can say Bela.

She is such a fun little companion.

I chased her around the house cutting her hair for 2 days. She ducks her head and goes, "OWOWOWOWOWOW"

It's very Michelle Williams, no?

Charlie's out painting the RV and it is friggin' freezing out there!'s snowing!

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Teresa said...

I can't believe how early winter arrived this year. I certainly could feel it when we went to the farmer's market Tuesday morn.
Hope the motorhome is taking shape....happy decorating. Waiting patiently for all of you to turn the corner at Foxwood & Pebble Beach.