Monday, October 5, 2009

Of course this has all melted

It was just enough to remind me how much I don't miss winter.

Even though Madee looks really cute playing in it.

Silly gang of snow troopers.


Ida's Fall Look
Madee's ready for snow.

Can I just tell you I married a badass? My babysitter's bike was stolen out of our garage - HELLO! OUT OF OUR GARAGE! today and Charlie stalked him, found him, and recovered the bicycle.

Bad Aaaaaaasssssss.
This is what Eden sees. She spends a lot of time fluttering her eyelids in response.

I got the flooring for the living area of the RV today. And I am not sure why I haven't transitioned the blog yet - or exactly how I will handle it. I am excited to share pictures, but I want the full impact...

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