Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty colors, new blogs, and meat hucking

Tahoe colors are changing!

So I started writing stuff on my new blog, Family Sized Fun, because a girl has to start somewhere, and this journey has begun, even if we haven't left the neighbor's driveway yet. I am not sure how to distinguish what goes here or there or whatever, but so far the new blog has been RV and travel related.


Anyway, check out the new blog and follow us around.


Yesterday I took Madee to the park and, well, Eden too, but she was asleep in the truck for the most part enjoying the breezy autumn Tahoe weather, anyway, Madee and I climb this little hill that ends in a retaining wall that surrounds the playground, and Madee isn't in the best mood in the first place. As she big girl steps off of the retaining wall, she tumbles to the ground, and when she looks up at me, I can tell she wants to cry, and she starts looking around to see if anybody saw her fall.

I assure her that no one was looking, and she is probably okay, I saw the whole thing and she looked like she made it a good fall.

She is not so convinced that I know her pain, and she shows me her dirty hands and clothes from falling.

"Dust it off" I say.
And I show her how.

But she still just looks at me, teetering on the edge of crying.

And I'm thinking, "Oh, Dora Band-Aids where are you now? How could I go anywhere without those magic little things?"

I may be 2 in, but I'm still new at this mom thing. It sucks to see her injured, physically, emotionally - whatever - I just want to relate and protect and comfort and encourage, and I guess at the moment I was struggling to verbally connect with her and let her know that things were going to be cool.

So I hucked my meat right off that retaining wall and landed on my butt and shoulder just like she did.

And when she locked eyes with me, I tell you, I gave her this little terrified look and then I looked around, got up and dusted myself off, shrugging my shoulders and saying "Wow! That was a doozy!" and seriously, I could deserve an Academy Award, which is a good thing, because Madee wouldn't appreciate a set up.

And she helped me dust myself off. And I helped pat her down, too. And we hugged and she gave me a kiss and then she stuck her hand out for me to hold it as we went to the playground.

That kid.


You have no idea what it is like to walk around with no knees. But I start melting at about 7 in the morning. Melting from her cuteness. And I still have to get around like that. With no knees.

Madee with Bela.

Lake Tahoe lately...

Eden in the girls' RV Room.
Before and Afters coming soon!

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