Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 Months Old

I cannot believe it has been 4 months already. That's crazy! It doesn't even sound right.

Miss Ida is growing up so fast - in fact she can officially eat cereal now. We haven't tried it yet, but it is sitting on the countertop waiting for its moment.

Things have been rough for little Ida as she cuts teeth. She screams and wails and oh goodness there is nothing that will stop her until something in her just gives in.

Sad face.

And she is drooling like crazy.

She's just so pretty, she looks like a baby doll. And she is just absolutely charming and engaging. She rolls over all over the place and army crawls like there's a fire, so I am sure it will be no time before she is running around on the walls surfing the furniture like her sister.

Oh that sounds like fun, doesn't it, Ida?

The littlest one is integrating into the family just fine, in fact, it is already hard to remember what life was like without her.

Like she was just meant to be here all the time.

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