Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making Memories. Maybe.

Madee, Eden and I went to the farmer's market, and as we went out to the car, Madee requested we take the old Toyota Landcruiser.

She loves that car.

It took a couple times to start her in the cold.

As we started down the hill from our house, I looked over at Madee, wind blowing through her hair, music in her ears, fresh pine and chimney smoke and old truck smell making its way through her breath. I wondered if she would have memories of things like this yet. Are these memories still only mine to remember? to document and share with her so she remembers through the story, or will she actually recall someday, riding in that old truck, smelling the gas and the oil and the pine trees and the crisp autumn air of the Sierra?

Will she one day experience some random culmination of smells and sights and sounds so that she feels a bare memory, some essence of this moment in time laughing in the front seat of that gassy old truck riding in the clean morning air to eat fresh tomatoes with her Mama and her sister?

I hope so.

But if I am the only one who remembers I am a very lucky one.

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Teresa said...

ALL OF YOU.........are so very, very blessed which in turn makes the rest of our lives so very, very blessed!