Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Brought Our Own Pumpkins!

We went to the pumpkin patch in Apple Hill! Madee couldn't believe all the pumpkins~

Is this the one?

Or this one?
Hmmmmm. That looks like a good pick.
There are just so many! I don't know how I'll choose!Ooh! I see one over here!
Mommy and a little punkin.

Oh hey guys!
Gimme kiss!
I was just hanging in this pumpkin patch with Mom and Mad and Uncle Cousin Brody.
This one's good!

Or maybe this one.
Yay! Pumpkin Patch!
I think this is the one we came for...
Thanks for all the picture taking, UCB!

Madee l-o-v-e-s you!
A little autumn sweetness.
And a little goofiness, too.
You have never seen me happier. Trust me.

Unless you were here.

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