Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Morning's Precious Treasure

An old powder compact. Madee is rubbing the powder puff all over her face and mine, and a few minutes ago she lost the puff inside her full body footsie zipper pajamas.

It is her precious treasure for the morning, and I won't recover it until she goes down for her nap.

She has a new habit of stashing random items - toys, toothbrushes, golfballs - in her pjs.

She tries to stash rocks in her shirt, but they fall out the bottom, so a quick walk can turn into a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG one with lots of bending and picking up and stashing and falling through and "uh oh".

It is funny how I used to dread being left alone with the babies for days, and granted, having Bela changes everything, but I actually enjoy our time alone together now. The days are longer, and we miss Daddy, but Charlie has always left me for work travel, even when we first dated and I would dogsit for Zeus and Zoie (months at a time!) at his place.

So I am used to spending time in the house without him - although he has been home so much in the past year that I got spoiled!

I tend to get spooked in a house by myself (I have a ridiculously VIVID imagination!) But everything is different with a house full of kids. It has been overcast and chilly, and we have been doing a lot of snuggling and cozying and reading in front of the fire.

Eden is fully awake and alert now, and she knows stuff is going on in the house and gets mad if it is going on without her. She will just yell if we leave her anywhere like, "DUDES! You KNOW I can't walk! Come get me!"

She will be crawling in less than a month...she already has scooch leg from trying to get from the living room to the kitchen yesterday.

Madee lavishes attention and love and kisses and hugs on her sister ALL DAY LONG.

It is amazing to me, because I have seen Madee grow up, and watched her love grow for family members and friends, and she is such a sweet girl, but she loves Eden best. Better than any of us. I try to tell Eden how special that is, and how everybody in the world is jealous of her, but she doesn't care, she doesn't know anything different.

She just says, " Goo."

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