Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stats and such

It's a cold, windy, rainy morning here in the mountains, and I can tell it is almost Daylight Savings Time because we have been up for 2 hours, and the sun still really isn't up. Eden is asleep in front of the fire and Madee is snuggled with her blanket on the couch watching Mickey Mouse and answering the questions he asks.

My coffee tastes really good this morning.

Eden went to the pediatrician for her 4 month check up yesterday. Charlie took her because I am a basketcase when it comes to shots and she is an especially shrill screamer.

She is 27 3/4 inches long, and 18 lbs 9 oz.

About the size of a 9 month old. And she is such a beautiful baby. Her curves are astonishing.

In case you are wondering, we were out of town when Madee was 4 months old, so her appointment came at 5 months. On that appointment, she was 18 lbs. and 27 1/2 inches.

We make some big beautiful babies.

Also, I totally forgot Madee's 21 month post, but we went to the pumpkin patch on that day, so I have lots of pictures...
The other day was Little Lila's 2nd birthday - and we met in the park for cupcakes and fun.

Here is Lila in her birthday present from us. We got her the crown, not the fuzzy hat, but I like how they go together.

Little Ida can party, too!The kids had lots of fun. I just love to watch Madee playing with other kids. She showed off her sister a lot and was so patient while presents and attention were lavished upon somebody else.

She did try to take off with a Dora toy. Oh, by the way, Dora teaches her stuff. She says "Abre" for "Open". I don't even know if I spelled that right.

And we played Merry-go-round. We spun and spun and then I let her off to try and walk. Bad Mommy. I am lucky she didn't crack her little head!
.Little fairies in the woods...

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