Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things are crazy around here

And I am pretty much worked. I guess the stress has just all accumulated to a point where no more input may be put in, yet so many things still have to get done, and the stress of moving things and packing things and whatnot has the kids and the dogs teetering on a certain edge that keeps things very loud and wild and whiny around here.

I like to remind myself to breathe.

The long slow breaths that calm you blood, your mind, your soul.

Here we are in a less frantic moment.

Eating Froot Loop necklaces...Madee thinks I am an accessory genius!

I am excited for simpler times, a simpler life.

Not that life is so complicated here, but the planning, the waiting, and the transitory stage has been less than simple.

We are about to be on the beach, on the road, on our way for our grand adventure. With little to do but enjoy the ride. (And get Dad to work of course!)

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