Monday, June 15, 2009

Awesome Weekend

Right now, Madee and Eden's carseats are right next to each other and I am pretty sure I need to change that pretty quick. We have only soft toys in the car to keep Eden safe from the occasionally thrown item, but I think being that close makes it hard not to mess with your sister.

If I put each of them on the edges, it is easier for me to scooch back there from the front seat to approriately deactivate any meltdowns that may occur but I don't know where any passenger could sit!
Uncle Cousin Brody came up this weekend and it was so great to see him. It has been a while, really, since he has been up here so we all really missed him - Especially Madee. She gave him kisses and showed off her rad moves for him all weekend.

Brody got me the raddest baby gift - an Ergo baby carrier! It has an organic infant insert and Eden fits like a little pea in a pod! It is truly and hands free, low back trauma baby carrier, and Madee also fits for 10 more lbs if it wear her on my back. Both the kids love to be worn by Mommy. (Dad can wear it too!)

The best part is it really makes outings with the two of them and only me much more possible. I can wear Eden and push Mad in a stroller or shopping cart. I can still run after her and grab with both hands. Thank you Brody!! You have greatly improved the effectiveness of my zone defense strategy!

Charlie and Madee and Brody and Zeus climbed up Mt. Tallac on Saturday. They didn't get all the way to the top - there was hail and that's no fun for bebes. Madee loves to be outside and she has become such a devoted little Daddy's Girl. She loves to be outside with Daddy - whatever he is doing.

She's a super extreme mountain hiker girl. She has recently gone through a delicious little growing spurt and is such a big kid now! In fact, although we had to wait 6 months from her last huge spurt to wear the 18 month Old Navy lounge pants I bought her forever ago, She blew through size 2T in about 2 days. Now we ar going to have to pack up and head down the hill for some clothes that fit! (Or are a little big...)

The weather has been cool and misty, kind of like GA mountain autumn. It reminds me of when my Daddy used to take me hiking. Only I didn't have this hooked up ride. We recently acquired the sun shade/ rain hood, and it really makes this thing awesome.

Just a couple of boys, a girl and a dog. Adorable.

A punkin and her dog.

Here is Eden, she does alot of this...

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