Sunday, June 14, 2009

The hat she came home in.

A few things changed at Barton hospital since the last time we had a baby. First of all, Eden was born in the same room as Madee. It still had the same pretty awful wall paper, but they had renovated the bathroom, and instead of the plastic shower stall it was all tiled and modern and pretty like a middle rate hotel room.

Also They send a nurse to your house to check on the mom and the baby a week after the birth. That was pretty sweet. The nurse talked to Madee and Madee liked her but still did not want her to listen to her heart. I felt like it was progress toward the medical community.

I want to get Madee a Little Baby Doctor kit so we can practice doctor and maybe she can be a little more comfortable the next time she has to see him.

Also different at Barton is the "Somebody's Gramma Knitted a Hat for the New Baby" Program.
When Charlie accompanied Eden for her first bath, he got to pick one out.

It is a soft mint green and peach - with a puffball on top. I just had to get a picture of her in it before she grows out of it. Tomorrow.

Her adorable hairline.


Leg stretches.

Sweet serenity.

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