Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eden update

So Eden had her first doctor visit and for the most part, she is doing quite well. She had only lost 6 oz, which is nothing for a girl her size. She was a little jaundiced, and we have had no sunshine to set her in for at least 10 days so the weather's timing couldn't be worse.

The doctor recommended we put her on formula for 48 hours to flush out her Bilirubins, and we have had to take her to the hospital lab for blood work for the past few days. Luckily, today is full of sunshine, and although she is at the hospital right now with her Dad getting her levels checked again, at worst we would have to take her back to the nursery for some photo therapy.

I can tell you the last couple of days have been rough for me. I just want her color to turn around so she can breastfeed again and so I don't have so much new mommy worry.

Here she is resting peacefully as she does for most of the day.

Here is a picture of Madelyn at the same age - 3 days old. They look a lot alike. Lucky Eden.

Here is Eden trying to open her eyes in a sunbeam the first day home.

Madee LOVES her sister. She walks around the house saying "I-den I-den I-den" and really wants the baby's hat. She gives her kisses and tries to pick her up and run off with her. She is toting around her little cabbage patch dolls and bathing and diapering them. She is a very good mommy too.

Here she is swooping in from behind.

Look at that determined little chin meat.

She wraps her arms around her like she knows just what to do.

She is the proudest toddler anywhere. I am so pleased that she is happy to be a big sister. She is really still only a baby herself, and yet she has embraced her role and seems so grown up.

Eden got Charlie's luscious lips. The better to kiss you with!

She has the same grogeous steely gray eyes her sister had when she was born.

Sweet sister kisses...

For the most part she has a sweet, serene look on her little baby face. Here are some funny little faces she can make.

She is a little dream come true. As the four of us sat in bed watching Madee's cartoons this morning, I could not have been more happy. A week ago this really big baby was still in my belly. Now she is out and an active part of our little family.

We just feel very complete.

Here is another one of Madee. I am so glad Eden has all of her own new baby clothes, so I can tell the difference between their pictures when we look back on them in our future.

And here is the proudest Dad in the world feeding his newest Charlie's Angel. I am so much more in love with him every day. I just couldn't do this without him.

I am so glad we have sun today - I might have the chance to do more pictures! Keep in touch!

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