Tuesday, June 9, 2009

too many pictures to choose from!

Oh Memama WE MISS YOU! Just like that, our Mary Poppins is gone. Thank you thank you thank you, Aunt Leslie. You have gone beyond the call of duty to get our family of four off to the right start. I feel so good. Well fed, well cared for and set up for success as a Mother of two.

I can't imagine how we could ever repay you. Madee had such a great time, and your daily Memama surprises really kept her excited and gave her so many fun new things to do around the house.

You are the best fairy godmother a girl (or 3) could ask for!

Eden's Bilirubin count has been going down, and she is getting back to her baby pink color. We are so thankful for such a good doctor and the nurses and lab people who have been so kind and helpful throughout our little ordeal.

Everyone treated Eden like a princess, and were so enamored by her beauty and sweetness.
She really is a sweet baby. The jaundice keeps her a little sleepy but she has been waking up more and more every day opening those steely gray eyes and checking out her wacky family.

Now mine and Madee's morning cartoon time involves alot more kisses.

Sweet feet. See that pretty star on her right foot? It is so easy to find pretty little parts of her.

Silly girl.

Happy Little Mama. I am down to my fighting weight, down to maybe 2 Advil a day - shaking it off like it was no big thang!

Dad LOVES his girls!

Prettiest Brown Eyes Ever!

Big Daddy hands. Little baby body.

Proud Papa.

Madee loves to play.

Even with Memama gone we are really flowing well as a family of four. One baby per person - and almost seamless transitions from baby care to toddler catching. I was so nervous about it all and trust me in the future you will hear about the crazy days.

But for now we are four people swimming in bliss...

Madee gets a peek at her 1 week old sister.

I love her hair. And those celebrity eyelashes. Seriously she is just the cutest little girl.

My Babydaddy. Who wouldn't love this guy!

Family Photo Sesh with Brian.

He is the only outside person that knows how to use my camera!

Dady's girl in the sun.

Too much sweetness to tell ya...

Gosh. Can't you just smell her baby goodness from there?

We are so blessed with such happy healthy children. We are beside ourselves.

Quiet snuggles with Mama. She is a sucker for some skin to skin contact. Puts her out every time.

Pretty proud of my work.

Madee sucks her left. Eden sucks her right. She has been doing it since she was inside my belly and was so happy we opened her sleeves so she could find it again.

We are just very happy together. Ahhhh...

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