Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This could be a new favorite...spread your wings and fly, little bird.

MAdee has all sorts of new development. She has learned to really carefully pronounce her long "O" sound and the face she makes when she does it is just precious. "Uh - Oooooo, Uh -Ooooooo,"

She is also always two inches from Eden performing wild stunts as if the baby is just a prop. Eden has this little worried look on her face quite often, although I don't think she knows what lurks behind...

Cutie Pie tongue-y face.

She is a very sweet little person.

(Shirt courtesy of Auntie Jess. Too cute!)

She has all these sassy dance moves. We dance a lot. I am pretty sure she knows the hula.

Run run run! Always in such a hurry!

Madee has a few universal words that she made up and can mean anything. And she repeats them all the time, so they are pretty official at our house.

of course, she still uses "bobbadaddy?"
and she has added "abobbadon?" and "aboon."

I am pretty sure that sometimes they mean "up", "open" "again"
and possibly "that thing".

She loves to point out Eden's features when I say them.

Don't worry, Edens eyelids work pretty well so she doesn't really poke them!

"Mom goes on and on and on with that camera!"

Itsy bitsy spider...

Serious cute.

You can really see the color of her eyes in this one. i was playing with the settings on my camera, and I didn't retouch a thing...they are an olive brown. So so pretty...


I am loving watching the beginning of a sisterhood. Madee always wants to mess with Eden if she is in the room. It doesn;t matter where she is or what she is doing - put the baby in the swing and she has to stop it swinging and hang on it. Put her in a bouncy chair and Madee wants to sit there. On top of Eden. Sit her in her boppy and Madee might want to see how fast she can whip it out from under her.

And she isn't being malicious, it is just that a toddler only wants what someone else is playing with/touching/looking at.

I tell her that when Eden starts messing back I will remind her of these days - in fact I should tape a few - so she knows she is just getting back what she put out there...

All in all, she is very good to her little sister. The love and the smiles and the kisses keep coming. And even though she really wants to pick Eden up and drag her around the house, I am just glad that she is pleased with her new little companion, and I am excited that they will play on beaches together, sit and enjoy movies together, experience life with us as parents together.

They are beautiful, delightful, charming little girls.

There just seems to be a lot of love there already.

As well as a lot of curiosity.

And don't forget kisses. There are lot sand lots of kisses.

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