Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

One of the great things about hanging out in Oceanside with Auntie Teri is being so close to the beach. We went for a bit the other night when we first got here, and then again during the day on Friday.

Can you believe what a big girl Eden looks in this picture?

Little Godzilla storms Tokyo

Who loves the beach at night? This girl.

Oh and this guy...

Silly little runner.

Silly Mama.
She got right in and splashed in the waves - maybe she was drunk from new things and staying up late, but she was all in that surf.
Not so much the next day. She let Dad go in by himself and took a little longer to warm up to the water. She has already learned that just because Dad does it, doesn't mean she wants to do it.

But if Mama is game, it is probably okay to try.

Beach girls.
Love her.
I love how Madee and Daddy are like, mirror images. Unknowingly. Adorable.

Eden gets her toes wet too!

Yay! Beach! (Madee can say both those words!)

When she hears applause or sees something fun, she says "Yaaaaayyyyyyy!"

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