Saturday, September 12, 2009


Madee has really started talking now, repeating so many things, but I am most impressed that she's understanding context. There are many uses for the term "dude" and she gets it right all the time.

She also really gets the "yes/no" variety of questioning.

She is pretty much talking to me all the time, and if I pay attention, she makes sense. Juice, milk, Zeus, Ono, shoes, Ida - she has enough words to make decent communication within many aspects of her day. Her little voice is so cute.

SO cute.

She also knows to interject the "yay!" whenever or wherever fun may be being had.

Sprinkler! Yay!
I love her. She is such a dynamic and stubborn and amazing little creature. She is so sun shiney and friendly and goofy. She likes to pull her own wagon and she grunts when she is going uphill with it.

She wants to dissect everything.
She does things on purpose. With purpose. And she has feelings. She is becoming more complex and more beautiful and more full of energy and wit every day.

Ida is such a little snuggy bear. She holds back on to you when you hold her.
She loves kisses. And kisses are hilarious and she just closes her eyes and laughs and coos if you kiss her kiss her kiss her all over her face.

Oh she does have a good time. I think it has been great for Madee that Ida responds to her with such a great sense of humor. They can roll on the floor and laugh and giggle and it makes me excited to see them grow together.

Madee's always trying to pick her up and take her with her to another room.


They are so funny together. Like kittens.

This weekend is Daddy's birthday, so we are gonna eat some wings on the couch and watch some football! Happy weekend Dude! GO PACK!

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