Thursday, September 24, 2009

The neighbor kids are loud

And if Mad hears them squealing and playing out front after dinner, she will shove her shoes at you and ask repeatedly to go "out out out out out" " shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes".

When the neighbor girls see her, they melt and break into a chorus of "Oh Maaadeeee! Oh her sooooOOoooo cuuuute!"

Gosh look at her. I think they are right!

We are going to miss these late summer nights. We are already having chilly nights and mornings, and the dark seems to be creeping into our mornings and evenings to give us less light.

But on the good side of things, it is my birthday Sunday! Hello, 35. I am not sure how I feel about you quite yet.

I know, less me, more Madee!

She isn't just growing and doing more stuff. Her little mind is maturing. She has 2 word combos now, like, "Mom, no" and "up, please!" "Hi Zeus!" - in fact every day she saying things with more clarity and intention - it blows my mind.

She has even started talking to other kids she meets. She is totally on her way.

We hired a nice young lady named Bela to come in and help out with the kids for a few hours a week. Madee loves her. Eden loves her. I love her. Even Charlie and Grampa loved her.

And when I came home Madee had mastered riding her rocky unicorn (check back for awesome video). AND THE TV WASN'T EVEN ON. Oh yeah, she's good.

Speaking of, we have cut back dramatically on the TV. Madee was asking for "On, please" "Bob Bob" and "Wow Wow" a little too often, and sometimes in the middle of the night.

So Charlie and I have banded together as husband and wife for a little bud nipping. The first couple days was painful, but we still have a little designated TV time and now we have a lot of more creative type time.

But since Madee missed her "Bob Bob" so much, we got her a little surprise...

Now she can see her buddy all the time, and wouldn't you know it, bath time is easier and more fun too!

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