Saturday, September 19, 2009

Everything Happens So Fast

This post is chock full of info, photos, fun and 2 (count em!2) videos. Put on your tight pants - the future comes at lightning speed!

First, my top 3 favorite photos this round.

Grandpa Tom's shoes.

Breathtaking. But not in the Seinfeld way.

Who loves Grandpa?

This girl!

And this girl!!

We play a lot of dress up lately. I have to get my hands on some old prom dresses, because Madee's stuff just doesn't fit me. Sometimes I wear her tutu on my leg, but it just makes me want my own, and she never lets me wear the belly dancing skirt.

Tutu flyer.

Dad and Madee took a bike ride to the Stream Profile. Madee likes the fishies.

Hi! Fish!

Ida's crib is finally set up and functional - she has already taken a nap or two in it, but still sleeps best shoved into Mommy's back!

Madee thinks it is great too.

But not as great as her own bed!

Madee is almost 35 inches, and our neighbors 4 year old just graduated to a bunk bed with her sister, so fate would have it that Madee's bed would be pink. And plastic. And as much as I wanted something a little more dressed up for her, she LOVES IT.

And she has already bonked her head on it several times, the first of which I thanked God for sending us a plastic bed despite my personal preference.

Ida thinks it is great too!

These are the pictures I love - my girls, just doing their thing!

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