Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just like that

I am a new Mommy today.

Yoga was great, and not only do I feel better in my own skin, I feel better about everybody else too. I came home energized and ready to plan ahead and be a little more on top of things.

I planned out some activities, read some books, took some notes, and fell into a great sleep.

And I woke up with a spring in my step. ME! SPRING!

Grampa Tom got here first thing this morning, Madee and I went grocery shopping, we have played play-do, crayons, markers, golf ball in the hole, and I dyed pasta pieces for some later projects also. We read books, did puzzles, played outside, ate our lunch - and it is only 3 PM.

And I don't feel like I am dragging or lagging or losing my mind. I feel good today. Really good. Not just tired. GO YOGA!

On another kick-ass note, I started reading the greatest book, The Happiest Toddler on the Block and it is making breakthroughs in communication between me and the tot. I am amazed at how some really simple ideas and a new approach can change a person's life.

Or 2 people's lives. I am on my way to really getting her. And she wholeheartedly appreciates it, it is already quite obvious.

Okay now it is 3:30 and Madee has decided not to take a nap. And Eden jumped on the bandwagon - but I still feel good good good so whatever.

We have dyed pasta to play with anyway.

Pictures later. And boy do I have some good ones.

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Teresa said...

YOGA, YOGA, YOGA...........
(chanted to toga, toga, toga)