Sunday, September 6, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Before we even came down here, we had planned to go to the San Diego Zoo.

Things we learned:

Go later in the day. The animals are actually more likely to come out and maybe you can hit feeding time.

Toddlers are horrified of the zoo.
She knows those things aren't cartoons, and is smart enough to know that they could get her. She isn't old enough to realize that that thick glass should keep them away.

Or maybe it is the should of it all. I mean, I've heard stories. I can't exactly tell her those animals can't get loose and get her.

Anyway, she didn't enjoy it as much as we thought she would. See Eden in above photo?She has taken to trying to pull off her clothes. She will bunch them up and pull and tug all day long. It is pretty much her new thing.

Anyway, back to the zoo.

We started her out in the stroller, walking her right up to animals along with the dozens of other strollers riding alongside us.

She would roll on up, figure out what we were all looking at, and then scream in horror. I guess I don't blame her - this came walking up only like a foot away. (4 of those inches were animal proof glass - not like you can explain that part.)

Here is the blessed Ergo I am always talking about. Ida still hasn't gotten used to it - she likes for you to work at holding her. But Madee will stay in for a while - she digs a back ride!
It even fits Dad! Sweet sweet awesome kidpack! Thanks AGAIN Brody!

Feeling a little more secure snugged up to Dad. Of course, she still freaked when face to face with animals. Like Dad can save her!

Despite the "ssshhh" signs in the panda area, Madee screamed wildly. I mean they have to be used to that, right? There was a baby panda there that was 1 month old. You can view him here. His Daddy, Gou Gou or something, is the only naturally breeding male in the USA. He's like, the only panda in the country with game.

Here is one of his babies. I think she was around Madee's age.

Eden at the zoo.

Don't worry baby, Mama won't let them get you!

We saved some for later and got out before the girls went crazy. I will post some fun beach pics when I get another chance. We are enjoying our time on SoCal, the weather is great and the ocean is even better.

Charlie says he'll even trade his snowboard for a surf board for a while...

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