Friday, September 25, 2009

I've got some cute kids...

All is quiet for a moment in our household. I love these sweet sleepy silent times. Grampa Derv left yesterday and we had such a nice time with him.

It was hard for Madee to say goodbye. She loves her Grampa.

It was hard for me to say goodbye, too. Grampa was very good at getting Eden down for morning naps.

Lucky for me Daddy is good at it too.

Miss Ida is so busy lately. She goes from station to station exercising her legs and practicing sitting and standing in her little baby play areas. She is so giddy and squealy and silly. It is very entertaining to watch her.

She is really teething right now, and the drool production is stunning. I've never seen anything like it.

She has also been sleeping in her crib more, which means Dad moved back in the bed. Just in time for the chilly nights...good timing little Ida!

Madee and I spend time offering her little toys to grasp and chew on. I haven't bought her many things, since we already had so many baby items from Madee, but I did purchase her this wooden teether. Charlie makes fun of it and calls it her "expensive retro hippie trendy teether".

I call it "Portland".

Ida calls it "Yum!"
There are so many times throughout the day that the sister lay together and giggle and coo. I think we did a good thing for them. They just seem so good together.


Pretty Brown Eyed Girl

My favorite thing she does right now? Say "Yaaayyyyy!" when she is happy about something.
Oh. And of course toddler dance party.
She's got all the right moves.

Madee can totally say "Eden." But ask her who this is?


Ida thinks her sister is hilarious. Madee loves it when Ida laughs and smiles and coos for her.

Goofy Zoose.

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