Monday, September 14, 2009

Sisters, skills, and being sick

This weekend was Charlie's birthday, as well as some strange culmination of sleep deprivation and sickness that struck our household. It is awful to be the responsible factor of a sick household. We'll just say the weekend wasn't as pretty as this face.

Ida loves her tummy time, as long as it is in front of a mirror. She really likes the baby in the mirror a lot. That baby cracks her up. It is sweet when Madee joins her for her play time. Before I know it, they will be running around the house playing dress up and hide and seek and all sorts of silly games.

For now, they play "look in the mirror and giggle".

Somebody has a new friend. Ooh sweet baby face.

Here our tiny sitting in the Bumbo for the first time at Dad's birthday dinner. She loves to sit up and join the family for food! Before you know it she can have her own plate.

She has also been playing in the exersaucer. She is just so good at holding her head up and straightening her legs to stand on them that she was really needing some new activities to practice her skills.

Funny to think she was a twinkle in our eye this time last year. I have always called her Charlie's birthday baby. So it is kind of a sweet full circle kind of thing.

Also new...Jimmy Jumperoo. At first she didn't like it, but she got the hang of it. Ha. Madee loves to push her in it like a swing and say "weeeee!" Just like Mama.

Passed out after many new activities. This sleeping face is the sweetest. It is crazy how fast they grow up. She just seems to be growing much faster than Madee did - of course everything happens faster and faster.

I don't even see a shred of baby left to Madee. She is such a cute little girl.
We got out the paints the other day. She hasn't seen them in a while and really loved to use the brushes. She said free association words and I wrote them on the paper she was painting.

She made several pieces of artwork, which will be distributed to refrigerators nation wide as soon as they dry.

Who needs paper? Madee loves to paint herself! Mommy gets to keep that work of art!

She makes it look so easy.

I wonder what she will be when she grows up?

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