Friday, July 11, 2008

Half Birthday Happenings

Hey guys...have you been to Target?

There is so much cool stuff there...
I always get lots of stuff when we go...and now that I am 6 months old we get to look at a whole new section of toys!

So yesterday was my half birthday, which means I am halfway to 1 year old!

Weston came over for playtime and we had lots of fun.

He's totally my buddy. He lives right down the street.

Look we are playing with our hands. I like him. I totally recognize and respond to him.

So I have that going for me.

He thinks he's my boyfriend, and he's a biter. We bite stuff together. It is kind of nice because when we are together, we always have something new to bite on.

Guess who?

Oh yeah. It's Weston.

He's such a clown...

We went to school together and had a great time biting new things like balls and shapes.

Feet are tickly!


I told you he's a biter. You should see his grill. I can't wait until my teeth come in more...

Hey check it out! This ball is killer!

I get to see other kids that are a little older when Mommy and I go to school.

Look what I learned.

Some of the kids like to walk like our dogs.

Check it.

I totally have my chest and a leg off the floor.

I just love to learn stuff anytime and anywhere.

I heart school!

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