Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Brother!

lovebirdsMy parents are SO gross...they have been kissing, like, all day.

Seriously, I am getting a little worried because they keep spelling b-a-b-y-s-i-t-t-e-r and Mom was in the bathroom for quite a while.

Then she walked out smelling really pretty and wearing new earrings. I would love to get my hands on those...

Momma's Favorite Thing today...

I am a super big help around the house. I have hands and I like to grab stuff. Today we did laundry!

Then I spent some time with my Dad. He has lots of great stuff on his desk and I like to grab it all and throw it on the floor.

It is kinda my thing.
I am totally a hat girl. Everywhere I go mom is finding hats to put on me. You prolly haven't even seen all my is pretty ridiculous.

Whenever I wear this one out of the house, we can't get 2 feet without everybody needing to talk to me and then after I smile, well forget it.

Sometimes I wear my hat like this...

I really love to read and eat books. My favorite book is about my Mom and Dad and how everybody came to see them when Mommy dressed up like a princess and married Daddy on the beach.

It is a really great story and there are pictures of lots of people I know.

I could listen to it over and over, because Mommy sounds so happy every time she tells it.

Okay, yeah. 1 more of me in the granny hat. She just can't get enough of this one...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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