Thursday, July 10, 2008

6 months old!

Can you believe how fast the time goes?

Don't blink!

I am so amazed by her progress...and her appetite!

Yesterday was our first day of Mommy and Me school.

She loves playing with all the toys and watching all the other little ones.

Everywhere she goes we leave a wake of oohs and aahs. She is so friendly, always smiling and waving at people.

We stopped foot, bike, and vehicular traffic during this little photo shoot.

Everybody needs to get a piece of Madee.

She is just such a delightful and special little girl.

And did I mention brilliant?

She's a little baby genius!

I love how she sees everything, needs to touch it and know it and show me how to see it the way she does.

We are buddies. We do everything together.

My favorite has to be her sense of humor. She is always laughing at the dogs or a towel or whatever she is playing with.

She is a funny funny little kid.

Which is awesome, because someone finally gets my humor...

She likes to get up close and personal...

It is easier to grab and pull you...

She gives kisses, but they are pretty wet and you might get a nibble..

She justs wonders if everyone tastes as sweet as she does.

What a perfect little angel...this has easily been the most tiring, the most challenging, and by far the most amazing 6 months of my life.

Happy Half Birthday Little Princess!

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granddaddy said...

happy half, Maddie! We were thinking about you on the 10th (hard not to with all of those pictures hanging at the lake house).