Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mobiles, flowers and little V

I have been conceptualizing a mobile for Madee's new room and today it all came together so smoothly, I almost think I just dreamed it true.

Madee likes it a lot, and I am pretty proud of it myself.

And with the lights off...

She is a goofy little thing. I have sectioned off part of the living room to allow her freedom to roll around. She can get pretty far, pretty fast.

Here are my flowers from the farmer's market this week.

I think this orange one is my favorite.

Today we went to the college's Child Development Center and got on the waiting list. It is the most incredible place, with such nice people and so much fun stuff to do.

The waiting list is so long that it could take a year to get her in. We decided to sign up just in case, as it is the most prestigious day program in South Lake.

I wonder how long it will take her to get kicked out and sent to military school. Because this one is trouble...

So is this one. Little Vido Miller.
He's tiny.

He is Weston's little chihuahua.


Ooh that baby loves her Daddy.

Ooh Mommy loves these two.

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