Sunday, July 20, 2008

365 days!

So this is our 365th day of being married. Charlie made me eggs.

I was making something with milk the other day on the stove and spilled a little.

I had to go get Charlie right away, because although it is no Face of the Virgin Mary burned into a Grilled Cheese, it does look an awful lot like a Jesus Fish.

And he has his own bubble.

I think we are going to sell it on Ebay.

Meet my number 1 babysitter, the Zoo-man.

He keeps her clean and happy and even checks diapers...

We went garage sale hunting for a few things we needed, and found a jogger stroller (not pictured, but certainly awesome).

We also found some great used toys that help support our family band.

Madee likes the tambourine the best...

And then I found these lovely little hand crocheted christening gowns with little crocheted bonnets.

This little satin one has such pretty little beaded detail..

And the other is linen.

I just love the hem of this one...

Madee likes her new little hat.
Someone's little granny made these...little ribbons running through them...

I am sure you will be seeing these little numbers again...and after we play dress up and pictures, I plan to make frames for them to hang them in her new room.

Did I tell you we are re-doing a room for her? She is moving one room over.

We let her pick her own color...

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The Coons said...

Happy Anniversary! We love you guys!